ICE Propaganda Videos

A survey of ICE propaganda reels.

Training Poses

I attempt to train myself on training data.

Bail Bloc

Cryptocurrency scheme to end bail. Collaboration with Grayson Earle, Maya Binyam, Francis Tseng, JB Rubinovitz, Rachel Rosenfelt & The New Inquiry.

The Infinite Campaign

Infinite autogenerated ad campaign.

White Collar Crime Risk Zones

A white collar crime predictor. With Brian Clifton & Francis Tseng for The New Inquiry.

The Good Life (Enron Simulator)

Sign up to receive 500,000 emails from the Enron Archive. With Tega Brain.

Guided Meditation

Presidential debate as guided meditation performed by the candidates. Commissioned by DIS.

Online Shopping Center

Using an EEG machine I attempt to locate the online shopping center of the brain.

Smell Dating

Dating service that matches participants based on scent. With Tega Brain.

21,092 millennia, 8 centuries, 49 years...

Video piece displayed in Times Square.

Useless Press

Online publication of useless internet things. With Alix Rule & Adrian Chen.

Greetings, Fellow Alienated Subject of Late Capitalism

ITP Thesis in 8 pieces.

Slow Hot Computer

makes your computer run slow and hot

Push Button for Self-Help

ultra-condensed self-help audio books

Street Views

an inventory of physical locations whose legal, political or social statuses are invisible to a casual observer.

Odd Odd Jobs

unusual jobs on Mechanical Turk


daily auto-generated supercuts of CSPAN videos

3 Degrees of Separation

a map of people on LinkedIn within 2 or 3 degrees of separation from me who have received endorsements for skills like: “surveillance” and “interrogation”

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Capitalism:

A project to replace every instance of the phrase “climate change” with “capitalism” in all pdfs, web and video content created by the IPCC


Open source tool that generates audio supercuts

Case Study

a tool for the military to analyze literature

Oculus Birth

speculative virtual reality application

Oculus Oedipus

speculative virtual reality applications

Big Data Pawn Shop

leaked NSA documents printed on a variety of merchandise

Yelp Prison Review Faxbot

faxes prisons with their reviews on yelp


selected commodities on sale at


be still and spectate (requires camera access)

Stupid Shit No One Needs & Terrible Ideas Hackathon

the most relevant hackathon in the world


automatic video supercut generator


a new currency that stores non-value

The Military Industrial Complex Yard Sale

items other than guns and tanks the pentagon sends to police departments

Patent Generator

converts literary and philosophical texts into patent applications

Why Do We Work So Hard?

video piece


fully automated stop & frisk robot