“RoboCop” progress

We’ve made some progress with the RoboCop prototype.

Here’s a miniature version we’ve put together. We’re using an FSR to trigger an audio track (as of now, “Toxic” by Britney Spears) and the arm choreography. The basic motion of the arms is working well, although I’ll need to rewrite some of the code to make it more flexible.
[vimeo http://vimeo.com/80243252 w=640]

We’ve also started to play with some more powerful servos.
[vimeo http://vimeo.com/80243091 w=640]

Very thrashy, just like real police!
[vimeo http://vimeo.com/80242966 w=640]

RoboCop – progress

We’ve put together a bill of materials for the Robocop project. This includes almost everything we’ll need – minus a power supply which we haven’t quite figured out yet, and a some simple mounting pieces.

Part Price Quantity Part # Retailer Sub-Total
Speakers 0 2 Already own 0
Wave Shield 22 1 94 Adafruit 22
Pressure sensors 7.96 2 1075 Adafruit 15.92
Servo Motor 24.95 4 2144497 Jameco 99.8
Arduino 29.95 1 50 Adafruit 29.95
Gloves 19.75 1 LeatherglovesOnline 19.75
Caution tape 5.95 1 Amazon 5.95
Hands 7.7 1 Amazon 7.7
Arms 8.16 2 89965K491 mcmaster 16.32
Total: 217.39

We also have a rudimentary systems diagram:

Copy of RoboCop - System Diagram

An Aspirational Memorial to Stop and Frisk

Bloomberg’s shamelessly racist policy of “Stop and Frisk”, will be ending soon in New York. Or so we hope. I propose an aspirational memorial to its passing (of the “good riddance” variety), in the form of an interactive installation where suspicious participants are subjected to a semi-invasive robotic/mechanical frisking. The working title of this project is “RoboCop”.

The suspicious participant approaches a wall with markings indicating where to put her hands and feet.


When the suspect is in place, an audio track begins, explaining the procedure. The audio will be sourced from this recording of a police harassing a teenager during a stop.


Mechanical hands will lift raise, wrap themselves around the suspect, and vigorously frisk the legs, butt and torso. The frisking will only intensify if the suspect attempts to remove herself from the designated position. concept3

Once the suspect has been thoroughly frisked and berated the arms will lower and she will be free to go. The system works!concept4

Getting yelled at and felt up by this robot is exactly as effective as the measures currently in place, but far more efficient.