Videogrep: Mac desktop app for creating video supercuts

Last year I starting working on something called Videogrep – a command line tool written in python that generates video supercuts.

Recently I’ve been experimenting with turning it into a desktop application for macs. It’s still a bit rough around the edges, but you can download the alpha version here:

Screen Shot 2015-07-16 at 3.00.16 PM

The application lets you:

  • Search through video subtitle tracks
  • Preview and export supercuts
  • Transcribe videos
  • View basic text
  • Download videos and subtitle tracks from youtube

Please get in touch with comments and suggestions!

3 thoughts on “Videogrep: Mac desktop app for creating video supercuts

  1. Hey Sam! Nice app, it works quite good, but I can only export multiple files. When I choose single file it doesn’t export the video :/

    I’m using a macbook pro 13 with Mavericks.

    Thanks for your app, is very interesting!

  2. this is great. could you increase accuracy down to the word by combining the data from the subtitles and the speech-to-text transcription? Use the words from the subtitles to narrow the possible words greatly.

    I was googling around for some code that might get that started, but I couldn’t find anything. I know software like Avid Media Composer has a similar ability (ScriptSync).

    • Thanks! Yeah that’s definitely something I’d like to incorporate. Haven’t quite figure out the right way to go about it yet – let me know here or on github if you figure anything out.

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