A letter to our zuckerberg

Dear Zuckerberg,
Your zuckerberg and I don’t yet have the words to describe the zuckerberg you give us for the zuckerberg. Your new zuckerberg is full of zuckerberg, and we hope you will be zuckerberg and zuckerberg so you can explore it zuckerbergly. You’ve already given us a reason to zuckerberg on the zuckerberg we hope you zuckerberg in…

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Most Frequently Spoken Words at the Republican Debate

Here’s a supercut of the most frequently stated words (for the most part) from the Republican debate:

To make this, I transcribed the audio from the debate, found top 4 keywords using pattern, and then put those keywords through Videogrep. I decided to skip words like “america(n)(s)”, “people”, “country”, and “president” (these don’t tell us much about what the debate was really about), and add one random word from the top 20 (“destroy”).

Here’s a list of the top 40 words:

isis: 67
america(n)(s): 66
people: 63
terror/terrorist(s)/terrorism: 54
country: 47
president: 41
muslim(s)/islam(ic): 28
war: 28
safe: 25
senator: 21
obama: 20
ground: 19
world: 19
time: 18
thank: 18
internet: 18
destroy: 18
radical: 18
talking: 16
talk: 16
strategy: 16
security: 15
law: 14
air: 14
fight: 14
eleven: 14
attack: 14
nine: 13
governor: 13
question: 13
look: 12
military: 12
attacks: 12
focus: 12
kill: 12
act: 12
lot: 12
bill: 12
trump: 11
children: 11

You can download the full transcript as a json file, with timestamps for each word.