Training Poses

Sam Lavigne - January, 2018

Microsoft's COCO (Common Objects in Context) dataset contains 220,000 labeled images, originally sourced from Flickr, and then tagged and annotated by workers on Amazon Mechanical Turk.

The goal of the project, which is used as training material for countless machine learning systems, is to enable state-of-the-art object recognition by "gathering images of complex everyday scenes containing common objects in their natural context."

One such system is OpenPose, which is able to estimate human poses from still images.

Here I attempt to match my pose with a random selection of the original COCO images on which the system was trained. A python script chooses a random COCO image and subject for me to imitate, and I try to match its pose, using OpenPose to track myself in real time. When I succeed (within a threshold) a photo is automatically taken and then superimposed on the original.

a little girl holding onto a teddy bear tight

The tennis player is watching the approaching tennis ball.

a man holding a bunch of unripe bananas.

Two men are playing a game with controllers.

A person is doing something that is very interesting.

A man balancing on a skateboard in front of a graffiti covered wall.

Adult man sitting at table while using electronic equipment.

Woman eating with a hand holding a banana in a bun in the foreground.

two kids on a beach near a body of water

Two men standing next to each other wearing neck ties.

a little boy standing in front of his race car bed

A man and women in a living area with mirrors.

A woman with sunglasses is on her cell phone.

A man and woman that is standing under an umbrella.

A man wearing a white shirt and tie holding a glass.

A man and his horse at a river bed.

Three young boys dressed in formal clothes, two are standing one is sitting

A group of people standing around a woman flying a kite.

There are several horses getting ready to race.

A batter swings and misses during a baseball game

a person siting down playing drums wearing a tie

two people sitting on a couch near a kitchen

A pair of women playing a game with remote controllers.

Two men that are laying on a bed with books.

A man sits in a car with a cat in his lap.

A man riding skis down a snow covered slope.

A young man hitting a tennis ball with a racquet

Men playing on the beach with a frisbee.

A three dimensional rendering of bus and park area.

A girl dressed as a witch works on a laptop.

A young ball player waits at the plate.

an old photo with a person wearing a suit and wearing a top hat

An older lady sitting with a young girl in a wide chair.

A man in black wetsuit surfing on a wave on surfboard.

A little girl leading a brown and white cow.

A group of children eat mini food items.

A man surfs over the crest of a wave in the ocean.

A baseball bat being held by a baseball player.

a tennis player about to serve the ball

A lady in a motel room is jumping onto a bed.

A picture of a child running from the home plate.

A man riding a snowboard down the side of a slope.

three males are dishing out some pizza from a white plate

A baseball game in progress with the batter in the middle of the swing.

a man getting his necktie tied by President Obama

A man that is standing in the sand with a surfboard.

A pretty lady laying in bed with a laptop.

Two people are talking and laughing in a public building.

Costumed wait staff standing in front of a restaurant awaiting customers.

A man takes chicken out of an oven.

A public restroom with a few urinals and a sink.

A woman having a laugh at a table with wine glasses.

Bald guy with a beard takes a selfie in the mirror

A little girl preparing to brush her teeth.

A woman holding out ski poles while on skis

A group of tennis players are posing for a picture with their rackets.

A baseball player pulls his arm back to throw the ball.

A woman sitting on a couch using a laptop computer.

A young woman sitting in a field next to a cow.

A few people sitting at the top of a mountain with various snow gear on.

Man surfing large wave in daytime on open ocean.

A woman standing between a brown horse and a horse trailer.

Two uniformed workers performing tricks at a carnival.

Two young girls eating a meal together at Christmas.

A man rides a horse through a creek.

A young man is taking a high jump on his skateboard.

a snow skier doing a trick some snow and trees

Young girl enjoying slice of pizza with sauce smeared on face.

A blonde woman adjusting a mans neck tie.

A young man hitting a tennis ball with a tennis racquet.

A man taking a swing at a tennis ball

A man shaves wool off of a sheep.

A man pointing a controller at a screen to play a game.

A woman holding two hot dogs while eating one of them.

Single man wearing a white hat cleaning dishes in a kitchen.

A man taking a swing at a tennis ball

a man on top of a horse herding sheep in a farmland area.

A woman standing outside of a food truck.

A man in a grey jacket and glasses holding a donut.

A group of people walking down a snow covered path with cats and horses.

Two women wearing sunglasses enjoying a glass of alcohol.

a woman standing around some tables with a bunch of crabs on them

A man riding a snowboard down a snow covered slope.

A group of people gathered at the rivers edge with their dogs.

The helmeted snowboarder is jumping through the air.

A plane with people watching it and people near it.

A large woman bites into a long hotdog.

Person riding a horse within a fenced in area

A man riding on the back of an elephant in a jungle.

A group of men riding skateboards on top of a ground.

A man and a robot looking smart phone contraption

The couple are getting their skiing equipment out of their car.

A woman posing with her surfboard on a shady path

A couple of women sitting next to each other at a table.

The chair lift carries dozens of skiers up the slopes at a busy ski area.

A monk looking at a smart phone device.

A man standing on a skateboard riding it down a sidewalk.

A person standing with some skis in the snow.

A man that is standing near a horse.

Two parked motorbikes sitting on the side of a road.

A group of people that around a table.

A group of people bent over with a dog and a frisbee in the air.

A person on beach flying a kite against stormy sky.

a girl grabbing some food off a baby's high chair

A female tennis player holding a ball and a racquet

A woman taking a picture of another woman holding decorative umbrella.

A man walking behind a row of parked cars holding an umbrella.

An old photograph of a man unloading luggage from a bus.

Two women playing soccer the one in black is about to kick the ball.

A horse drawn carriage being ridden through a park.

A kid laying on top of a red bed next to a white teddy bear.

The woman in standing in the ocean holding a kite.

a skier posing on a snowy empty field.

A row of parked bicycles sitting on a side walk.

A group of girls is playing soccer as the goalie tries to catch the ball.

A man riding a skateboard while being towed by a black and white dog.

Three people using scissors to cut a ribbon in front of a crowd.

A large passenger jet sitting on top of an airport tarmac.

A little boy is holding on to a stop sign.

A statute of a man in chef's attire holding a pizza.

A person sitting outdoors with a Frisbee in front of their face.