Selected work from Detourning the Web

Selected work from Automating Video

Cristóbal Valenzuela, Scene Scoop
Anne-Michelle Gallero, Servo Experiments
Or Fleisher, Volume
Alejandro Matamala, Insecure Landscapes

Selected work from Scrapism

Kate Chanba, New Yorker Captions

A series of 4 illustrations intended to match any of 30,000 captions scraped from the New Yorker cartoon archive.

Edgardo Milla Gallardo, The Billboard Pinochet Playlist

A Spotify playlist that visualizes the Pinochet regime. The playlist was generated by scraping Billboard's top songs for every week that Pinochet ruled Chile.

Elizabeth Lin, Sorted Sephora

Hundreds of images of Sephora products were downloaded and then sorted by hue, saturation and brightness.

Susie Fu, Repeat After Me

Poems created by finding similar sentences in Marx’s “The Communist Manifesto” and Robbin’s “Awaken the Giant Within”.

Sonia Boller, Seasons

Thousands of images of seasons scraped from the web and sorted using the t-SNE machine learning algorithm.

Neta Bomani, New York Rats

Graphic composed of rat-related headlines scraped from the New York Post.

Lynn Yun, Advertiser Averages

Facial averages of designers and advertisers, made using material downloaded from ADC and AIGA.

Ilona Brand, Repeat After Me

The lyrics of Americans by Janelle Monáe in conversation with The Declaration of Indepence.