Over the course of a week I used a consumer-grade EEG machine to record my brain activity while shopping online and thinking about my own mortality.

Brain activity when shopping online

Brain activity when thinking about death

With this data, I trained my computer to predict whether I am thinking about shopping or death.

I used a decision tree classifier on the two sets of labeled brain readings, which means the computer is only able to interpret my mental state in terms of a shopping/death binary: my brain activity is either "shopping-like" or "death-like".

The computer interprets my brain activity in real time.

I filmed myself sleeping for three nights while wearing the EEG machine. The machine communicates with my computer, interprets my mental state, and then browses websites on my behalf.

I've sped up the videos around 2000%.

Day One

Day Two

Day Three

If my mental state seems morbid the computer visits websites related to death. If it believes I am thinking about commerce it goes shopping for me, selecting items at random from aliexpress.com or amazon.com and adding them to my shopping carts.

After three nights my shopping carts have reached capacity.

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