Oculus Oedipus

This is part 2 of a series of speculative virtual reality projects. Illustrations by David Tracy. Also appears in The New Inquiry.


Figure 1: The family.


Figure 2:

Figure 2: 3D scanning of the mother.


Figure 3:

Figure 3: 3D scanning of the father.


Figure 4:

Figure 4: The mother and father are captured in virtual space.


Figure 5:

Figure 5: The user enters Oculus Oedipus.


Figure 6: “I’m really looking forward to this experience.”


Stage 1: Father

Figure 7:

Figure 7: A conflict on the road.


Figure 8:

Figure 8: The user murders the virtual father.


Figure 9:

Figure 9: The user reflects on his experience thus far.

Stage 2: Sphinx

Figure 10:

Figure 10: The riddle of the Sphinx.


Figure 11:

Figure 11: The user offers a response.


Figure  12:

Figure 12: The Sphinx is defeated.

Stage 3: Mother

Figure 13:

Figure 13: The user seduces the virtual mother.


Figure 14:

Figure 14: Consummation part one.


Figure 15: Consummation continues.



Figure 16: A more robust fantasy.



Figure 17: Climax


Figure 17:

Figure 18: The user is permanently blinded. The experience is concluded.


Figure 18:

Figure 19: The blinded user wanders the world.

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