Playing with text (first try)

I wrote an extremely simple python program that orders lines of text by the length of each word in the line.

I ran The Metamorphosis through it:

gregor’s flesh, lodged remove no-one apple dared the it so in to
suffered reminder remained injury. visible there had his he of as a
condition serious seemed month, there than more his and for it a
current despite gregor, father remind enough that even his his to
revolting treated member family could form, not who was and sad be a
contrary, family enemy. there duty was the to as on an as a a
revulsion patient. patient, swallow just and him for any be to be to

Another attempt, this time only including lines that have the word “body” in them:

he to do of the was get the his part body first thing lower wanted
of at be his the part body most might well, present, sensitive.
so he to of of get the top his out the bed then part body tried
in of his the the body head. slowly followed direction eventually
to to me ask will have come from work round what’s somebody happened
to of of set the the his task body entire length himself swinging
– if to he two had his came help him. strong people father somebody
a to me any ever said word about you’re making; nobody’s accusations
of in the his was part body pain stood there lower serious upright;
of as the his the with body again whole clear sound weight needed.
of be it his his only half body with head could seen, along above
i we the know that they likes think nobody office. travellers.
his the had the feel with legs body; solid little ground alright
to it in was too get body broad through without further difficulty.
of for one his what side body might regard lifted happen. itself,
a – if as eat his but the body whole whole worked together snuffling
a in it is the the must have been life flat. “what quiet somebody
at and his was his was too ease only that body regret immediately
a as so he had out his and much food body eating little rounded
as not his him, even flat. could nobody nobody, sister, understand
his it. was any body press whole there seldom against conversation,
– at to be at by the and home home family nobody wanted themselves
a on he the his had more body could light floor; breathe freely;
a of as his body than and, even with fall better before control
to he to to his the was body admit floor, forced pressed himself
to of his now did view with they block their body. trying gregor
to be his was but the that body pain entire seemed slowly aching,
to it and she gave body with prove shove another cleaner, gregor’s
up it was and had not body they seen dried flat, indeed completely
at but not the the the back shut door body. without looking cleaner
to up get and out her first young body. stretch

Then, I decided to see what it would look like to leave the word order alone but remove all words shorter than four letters:

Then I ran that through another program that adds the word “dream” when possible:

somebody called mother “it’s quarter seven.
first thing dream that wanted lower part body
part body might well, present, most sensitive.
then dream that tried part body
body eventually followed slowly direction head.
somebody will have come round from work what’s happened
himself task swinging entire length body
somebody came help him. strong people dream that father
accusations you’re making; nobody’s ever said word about
stood there upright; lower part body serious pain
again with whole weight body needed. clear sound
only half body could seen, along with head above
office. dream that know that nobody likes travellers. They dream that They think
feel alright with body; little legs solid ground
body broad through without further difficulty.
regard what might happen. side body lifted itself,
whole body worked together snuffling whole
must have been somebody flat. “What quiet life
immediately ease only regret that body
eating much food rounded body little
flat. nobody could understand him, nobody, even sister,
press whole body against There seldom conversation,
family home nobody wanted home themselves
floor; dream that could breathe more freely; body light
better control body than before and, even with fall
body pressed floor, dream that forced admit himself
trying block their view Gregor with body. they dream that they
that entire body aching, pain seemed slowly
cleaner, prove dream that gave Gregor’s body another shove with
body indeed completely dried flat, they dream that they seen
without looking back body. cleaner shut door
first stretch young body.

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